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Studio updates

My studio workshops are going really well and I’m meeting new and interesting people all the time.  Weaving is like that. I’ve loaded up my 2nd yarn rack with colourful cottons  ready to be woven up for summer and I’ve started with the oranges, pinks and greens.  You can see Debra here weaving for the first time!

The studio also had a little addition last week – the Saori piccolo loom which is adjustable in heights for children to adult and extremely portable at only 7 kilos. It comes fully assembled and warped threaded ready to weave on. See more info here.  I’ll put more detail and photos up shortly. It arrived set up ready for a child to weave on but it’s an easy job to slide it up to an adult size. It is so cute when it is the little size. I can’t wait to test my neices, nephews and Ella.

You can see Dave here squatting down to the tiny size! It still has all the functionality and features of the other Saori looms including a warp brake release from the front. But it is a rachet style release rather than a tensioned one. The other handy feature is the bobbin winder is detachable and can be used at a table or on the loom.

As spring is ready to open up I’ve been thinking about clothing patterns that suit Saori weaving. I made this one up from A Cut Above by Virginia West. Don’t be put off by the ‘old fashioned’ drawings of the designs as they will still be good to go for today. This little top with a cowl neckline only takes a 82cm square piece of fabric. I wove a 40 cm wide cloth and joined it but was a little short. I think that a 45cm cloth x about 1.7metres will do the trick after any shrinkage of cotton. Doesn’t take long and it’s comfortable to wear.

Inspirations for the week are hard to pin down as there are so many but check out the Weaving Sounds short video and the lovely experimental work of ice flows in tapestry by the decodame – Heather Walters.

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  1. So exciting to get the Piccolo, and that video is sooooo beautiful!

    August 27, 2012

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