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October Workshop Two

Workshop Two has now concluded and I’m once again totally in awe with the weaves and approach of all the participants. I’m pretty sure they invented new ways of weaving too! This is a short video I made up of the two days.

In this you will see Warren weaving with one arm due to an injury before the workshop. Saori has a shelf for their looms which would have been very helpful in this situation but unfortunately I didn’t have one on hand so Warren made the best of it. This also opens up the idea of restricting our bodies to develop new ideas for spontaneous weaving. Does our weaving change or could it be possible to develop new approaches in some way when our bodies are restricted. Interesting  – and there are many examples of this in art generally, such as Carmel Buggy’s work in Saori weaving and other arts.

Other techniques used in the workshop thankfully despite any ‘teaching’from me were beating the rows with the fingers, completely disregarding the concept of weaving from edge to edge every row and not really going back into the shed in the same place at any time.  So liberating! I am currently planning for workshops next year and welcome any inquiries.  To keep up to date please subscribe to my occasional newsletter.  A warm Saori thanks to Lyn, Gerdi, Rosemary, Warren, Nola and Andrew.



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