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The ‘pinch’ technique

1. Weave a row in the normal manner leaving the shed open.

Saori inspired weaving offers a real insight into the weaving process and how our human connection with it can be developed in very unique ways. For example, does an edge have to be an edge and how? You can really weave in any way you want to on a loom. You don’t have to know anything beyond how to set up your own loom in this style of weaving. And using a painterly approach will help release the energy and sensitivity with your hands into the threads. You’ll come across your own √≠nventions quite quickly but the Saori way also encourages working with and learning with others. This is important because you may go off thinking you alone in the world have created ideas when we really depend on and learn from each other so much.

2. ‘Pinch’ a small mountain in the row.

In my Saori workshops I cover loads of techniques to get weavers ‘sparked’ and primed for thinking in a relaxed way about what they are weaving. Many of these techniques are well known and established but many have been developed by a free, perhaps more relaxed, approach and attitude to weaving, for example by Kenzo Jo. By trying these techniques you will be more forthright in experimenting yourself.

This technique is a modification of the bumply weave which is my favourite technique! Very simple.

3. Keep that yarn from the bobbin relaxed and easy.


4. Change the shed to lock the weft mountain into place

5. Place the weft with the beater.

Voila! Selected texture placement with a non-textured yarn.

See more creative ideas for designing clothing based on Saori fabrics from Saori no Mori Japan:

Finding holes and using them.

Using the weft turns for shoulder straps.

Bias dress

Working the cloth





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