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Beach designs

Beaches are amazing. Although I’ve lived within a few hundred metres of Old Bar beach for nearly 30 years, I feel like I’ve only just discovered it. I know…very slow indeed. The seduction of a beach with its continual changing colours and textures is humbling. The Pacific ocean is such an enormous unknown landscape. Looking out at it makes me feel tiny and unimportant, which I am. I can feel part of our world not separate from it which is consoling, peaceful and exhilarating.

I’m working on a Saori weave style tapestry at the moment which houses some of what I see and hear at the beach I’ve just found. My daughter used to say that she couldn’t sleep without the sound of the waves through her window at night. Conversely, I’ve also had visitors say they couldn’t sleep with the same wave sounds disturbing them. So maybe your environment takes time…maybe 30 years… to love and enjoy.

As we are seeing an increase of people moving to Sydney in NSW and land prices dropping in some regional areas perhaps wave sounds will become an annoyance to most if they ever venture into coastal villages. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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