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Rocks and Cushion Bushes of the Great Ocean Road

Bells beach

Bells Beach, Victoria

Well my short trip along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria was inspirational to say the least!  I knew it was down there, and others have been, but it’s not until you see it yourself that it truly bowls you over.  The landforms of the Great Australian Bight are so powerful and secretive. Every stop along the way held more surprises.  I can no longer cling to the smug satisfaction of an armchair traveller as any photography is a poor substitute indeed.

There were two times when my breath was literally taken away. The first was seeing the legendary surfing beach – Bells. You see the surfing competition and all the people on TV, but you imagine that the take away shops, grot and main road traffic is just beyond. But it’s NOT.

Great Ocean Road scenery

The Great Australian Bight

Bells is quite secluded and a totally natural and high coastline. The high vantage point on the cliffs was sprinkled with people in a hushed reverence for the enormity and exquisite surfing breaks  of the famous beach.

Next stop was the 12 Apostles, which are remaining rock structures along the coast. The bight is so special that I can’t think any mining of the area would be a good idea in any form as it seems to be quite vulnerable in its enormous stature and beauty. Mining company people must see an entirely different thing to what I saw!

It’s wasn’t only the ocean ridges that are remarkable and new to my NeSWelsian eye.The cliff vegetation, the colours and textures are astounding and of great interest to handweavers. I couldn’t get enough of the cushion bush. When I got back home I subconsciously warped up all my green silks and went for it on the loom.  Most times it helps me not to consciously think about what I am designing then link up what has happened when it comes off the loom. Always a giant leap of faith in yourself.

Cushion Bush collection

Cushion Bush Collection

To be honest I didn’t take many photos and just let the sights and sensory happenings sink into the moment. Sometimes purposeful photography and memory curation stop me absorbing the actual reality of a moment I’ll never get back again.  Back home nobody is really interested in seeing photos of what you have experienced because you have to do it all yourself.

Now to get ready for my last 2015 Workshop in the studio. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Heather #

    Fabulous Kaz! Glad you got to experience this wonderful part of the coastline in reality. I agree with you re simply absorbing through the senses too. A beautiful expression of your experience in cloth.

    November 1, 2015
  2. Kaz #

    Thanks Heather. The coastline is very amazing.

    November 5, 2015

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