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Should you weave everyday?

Warping The internet and social media is full of advice and opinion on what to do, what not to do and if you are doing it – you’re probably not doing it right. The news is overwhelmingly full of opinion and solutions based on narrow personal observations. So how could I possibly qualify to answer “should you weave everyday?”

I also have a personal world with personal observations that I could inflict on you all. But I can see how variable and different people are in their approach to everything. I think you do something everyday because you want to (or you have to). You’re drawn to it and it gives you a ‘spark’. Some people are more goal centred and disciplined in their approach to weaving, and others like to dabble and slowly meld into the world of creating textiles.  It works all ways.  Weaving isn’t a chore (at least for most of us)…its a time away from other things to enjoy and savour.  If this isn’t how it feels, a break or looking to doing something different on the loom may re-ignite your resolve.

weavingtogether I had a few warpers in the studio of late. This step in weaving gets you designing your own fabric from the beginning and can be a mesmerizing and relaxing process. Certainly a rewarding one. Especially if you are warping for a saori style cloth.

handwoven clothI’ve also had some weavers in the studio as groups or couples, enjoying a few hours or  a day away from the usual. Sometimes doubling up as a celebration. What better way to spend some time with people than enjoying colour and entwining.  I think it’s better than Scrabble because you get to take a cloth home.  Groups can spark and trigger your own ideasso weaving with others is relaxing and rewarding.

helenSome regular studio weavers bounce in with ideas to try. Our wavy weaving is a big hit, although I might be passing my bias onto others! Why weave straight lines when you can do wavy ones.

Maybe you would like a ‘kicker’ to weave with. This has to be something connected with our senses. For example a piece of music can make a basis for a woven cloth. Music has dynamics, tone and colour. It’s a feeling created in you and felt with our hearing. This approach isn’t for everyone, and natural images are probably the most often used for inspiration. Another one is our sense of taste. Can we create a beetroot cloth?? One cloth I’m not going to make is a green bean one as I don’t like the taste…but then that might make the best cloth of all.

Should you weave everyday? Maybe. Some days I just daydream about it, and that’s nice too.

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  1. As I work in several fiber arts and some other arts, none of them are done “every day.” What I have discovered is that each one bleeds into the others in some way.
    At the present time I have a gallery show with paintings, quilts AND woven items. As the gallery manager was hanging the show, he decided to place woven pieces next to paintings that color coordinated. I was amazed. It looked as if I had planned the pieces to go together.

    April 28, 2017
  2. Thanks Gene. Certainly in Australia not enough is made of the connection between different art forms in the same space. Many art and craft skills go into our work and the ‘everyday’ thing isn’t what it seems.

    April 30, 2017

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