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For the love of Tools

Weavers and spinners all love their tools. Over time you can collect tools that work and ones that don’t. But there are an increasing number of craft artisans who combine function and beauty in their unique tools for us. 
I write about this in the newest edition of Down Under Textiles. Available from newsagents and magazine sellers, and online.

Weave a Saori Inspired Cloth

Saori textileFinally today my article in Down Under Textiles has been published! “Weave a Saori inspired cloth” This is the forerunner¬†of a regular column ¬†I will be writing which explores textiles and in particular woven works. I’ll be looking at how to begin and continue weave textile journeys, new ideas on the horizons and established traditional ideas and techniques that continue to inspire and work for us.

Although I’m always a fan of web publishing and the tools it offers there is still something tactile and keepworthy with print. It’s more difficult to offer links and knowledge trajectories to others but has an authority and intimate focus that the web still struggles with. I’m delighted to write for Down Under Textiles. Read more