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Warps on holiday

Dear weavers, don’t you just love a warp going on holiday. The way you can take a warp off the Saori loom, whilst in action, is surely the BEST feature of the looms. The warp pictured has a woven couple of metres in progress but was taken off the loom to make way for another little weave job and ended up travelling away from the studio to another loom…sort of like a holiday for the warp.

Weaving isn’t always the most portable of activities so this option  makes me imagine that weaving has more in common with its extremely portable cousins ‘knitting’ and ”crochet”. Maybe I can join in with others doing their art/craft with my loom.

Usually, being loomless in a room full of creatives with needles or pencils, paper and paints is a bit disconcerting to say the least. I always end up doing something other than weave. I’m always interested but this acts as a detracting detour from any attempt at developing a focusedĀ practice. I have always found this difficult as my native language is ‘weave’. But I need to be near other creative minds at times..always hopeful of the odd insight coming my way in the mix. Which it does. Saori has offered me some different and more flexible options in relation to this problem. I’ve even gotten over the issue of the bootload of yarn I need as my ‘paint’ palette. I just wind up lots of plastic bobbins with yarn mixes like mini paint tubes for weavers.

The little weave job that moved onto the loom was an instant warp demo with Anita (another new Saori weaver). I just grabbed any colour of cotton and wound a warp. I was so focussed on just demonstrating the warp winding that I didn’t agonize over colour choices. But they are very engaging and you can see in the photo the weft mingling in a delightful way with the warp. I think that a focus on something other than the determination to create wonder is a good way to actually develop it.


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