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Removing and replacing a SAORI Inside Set

Inside setsRemoving, replacing and generally just having the availability of a Saori inside set is wonderful.

But the words “inside set” aren’t really descriptive of the function or process of the whole thing. When I first came across this, it was a very new concept to me, at least for a small craft weaver. I know that similar things are used in Asia and have heard of it in production weaving in Europe for saving patterns, but not for us ‘little’ people. It just makes so much sense. No need to buy several looms to run several different warp types or widths to weave when you feel like it. One loom can become many looms.

The main attraction for me too, was how I could use one floor loom to teach others but still do my own work. It really makes sharing and teaching possible where other looms are too dedicated to the one owner weaver.

I’ve recently been reading all of the old Weavers Journals from the US. Well worth reading. In a couple of the issues a column by Allen Fannin invoked discussion about looms. Looms for the domestic market were changing and computers allowing multi shaft looms were becoming possible and affordable for small craftspeople. Some of the discussion centered on the need for lightweight looms that were good for lighter work such as clothing and not big, huge constructions that were meant for a diverse range of functional weaves including rugs. They also wanted either more shafts or at least more pedals! The compu dobby has solved that one. In my view Saori has captured some of this transition but it has happened by simplifying the weave structure rather than complicating it with more shafts. More shafts always means more loom.

The way we can swap projects and warp directly on the Saori loom is perfect for how we live. I just can’t stick with one warp for 10 metres without other diversions and project interceptions. Showing children what weaving is and doing some samples of  ideas floating around seems to keep the juices going somewhat.  The inside set has a way of energising the whole weave thing. However, I’m luckier than many in that I have many Saori looms and many inside sets so weavers can continue weaving projects or start new ones any time. It has extended the potential for teaching weaving to more in a very small studio.

I’ve just created a video on how the inside set is removed and re-attached.  The video is seven minutes long so I guess that’s how long it takes to swap a new warp onto the loom.

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  1. Thank you for this! Most excellent video..

    September 26, 2014

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