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The tale of a warp



Learning to create your own warps has always been an integral part of the weaving process. And although the Saori looms have the unique pre-wound warps, there may come a day when you just need your own mix of colours, styles of yarn or different texture. Some people find the whole process meditative and Saori has some equipment that offers some more comfortable ways of building the warp and preparing for weaving. I’ve written an overview of the four different approaches and the equipment needed for each of them here.

Beaming unit

Beaming the warp off loom with the Tabletop Beaming and threading unit

I’ve had a few warpers in the studio lately and Meg spent some time learning a couple of different methods. The Tabletop beaming and threading unit worked very well in Meg’s “capable guidance.  Meg wound the warp, beamed, threaded and sleyed it off loom then wove it up. Meg worked in her own unique way with the spacing of the weave to create an especially airy and drapey quality in the wool which was beautiful.  I think the wet finishing process will really bring this piece to another level too. This warping method creates pre-wound warps.


Finished. All in a few hours

They can be stored for later use and threaded on or off loom in the same way as the pre-wounds which allows threading and sleying in the one action. A time saver but more than that it’s efficiency allowing us to get to the loom and enjoy weaving even more. A bright warpy, weavy weekend such as it was.


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  1. Susan #

    That’s got my name all over it Kaz. I want what Megs having. Light fabric on own warp. Bonus to be able to pre wind your own warp…see you in May.mSanta will be given another list , for sure 🙂

    March 8, 2017

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