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Pre-wound warps

Pre-wound or Ready-to-go warps

Pre-wound, ready-to-go warps are a great feature of Saori weaving products.  Grab a  basic black warp in either cotton or wool to get weaving  fast. Weave all your gifts on one warp.

Available in a range of widths and warp lengths to suit any project. Also allows fast Saori threading technique, threading reed and shafts at the same time. More time for weaving.

Click on image for more detail.

From 50 thread (10 cms) belt projects to 300 thread (60 cms) generous wraps or clothing  widths. You can select warp lengths from 20 to 30 metres in length. Available as black cotton or wool. Prices range from $33.00 for a 150 thread (30cms) x 6 metre warp to $120.00 for a 300 thread (60cms) x 30metre warp.

Why black? Black is the best base colour to ensure a dynamic and successful result, especially for beginners or new Saori adventurers.

All the warps are designed for a 5epc/12epi sett.

Using the Saori pre-wound warps on other looms?

To use these great warps on other looms thread from front to back. The cross is preserved by a tape which has all the threads in order. Just thread these through the reed first. You can then pick up a traditional cross by hand if you wish but there is usually no need.  The warp is then threaded through the heddles, attached to the back apron bar and wound on under tension. See this post for an overview. Many weavers have worked out clever ways of using these warps on their own looms in all sorts of ways. However their primary design is developed for the Saori loom in which the warp can be slipped directly onto the back beam.

See the current list of pre-wound warps in stock.

Limited Edition Warps

Some very limited edition pre-wound warps are available. Weave a set of projects which share the same underlying palette. Click on images for more detail. Great for clothing lengths. Most are 200 threads which is suitable for threading at 5 ends to the cms (12epi) to create a 40cm weaving width.  You can vary this to some degree if desired. The coloured warps can be used with similar coloured wefts or can provide the ‘under colour base’ for the cloth you are creating if you weave them at 5 ends to the cm.

Pre wound warps – Limited editions


Chocolate brown wool warp

Pure wool warp. 200 threads x 6m. $69.00


Peach wool

Peach Wool warp

Lovely mix of soft peach/mauve, mushroomy colours in straight yarns. 200 threads x 6m. $63.00



Purple grey warp

Purple Grey warp

Cotton warp with a mix of yarns. 200 threads x 6m. $54.00


Lavender Cotton warp

Lavender warp

Lovely mid lavender featured coloured warp. Mid weight. 200 threads x 6m. $84.00


Pink cotton warp

Pink Cotton warp

A mix of tones in pink. 200 threads x 6m. $71.00



Very fine linen warps for summer weaving or art weaving.

Central desert colour linen warp

Central Desert Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen. $70.00


Cream Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen.  $68.00 SOLD OUT


Dark Blue Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen. $68.00


Lavender linen warp

Lavender Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen. $68.00


red linen warp

Red Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen. $72.00


Summer Night Linen warp

200 threads x 6m very fine linen. $76.00


Postage/Shipping costs are not included in these prices. All prices are inclusive of Australian GST at 10%. Please contact Curiousweaver or see How to Order.